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Frequent Questions to Our Locksmith's

What is the most secure type of lock?

There are many brands for high security locks but most popular and recommended in Chicago land

Top brands in Chicago area – Mul-T-Lock Lock or Medeco Lock

How can I make my door more secure?
  • Changing the bottom lock to high security lock
  • install new top high security lock
  • add on the top lock mul-t-lock top guard plate
  • on the bottom lock install latch guard plate
  • If you don’t know how to install locks call us we can help you 
Who can I call to make my business more secure?

Call Pro Locksmith Chicago – We offer 

  • Security System Installation and full Packages.
  • Repairs any Cameras, Intercom or Keyless entry Services.
  • Top solutions for small or big businesses.
  • To customers across Chicago IL.
Why is my car remote not working?

Nearly every modern car utilizes a car remote control. It’s a fantastic convenience and security feature. They usually work with key fobs to control the locking mechanism, as well as the engine sometimes. However, sometimes car remotes stop working correctly. Here’s a guide, prepared by the expert automotive locksmiths at Pro Locksmith, on how to

Do you make new keys?

Of course! 24/7 seattle locksmith, can makes keys of all kinds. We can make house keys, car keys, padlock keys, file cabinet keys, safe deposit costs and, gosh, pretty much any type of key you need! We can generally make them while you wait, though certain types of keys may take slightly longer.

What times of day can you send a locksmith?

I never get tired of saying this. You can call or email 24/7 Chicago Locksmith, from anywhere listed in our Greater Chicago service area at any time of the day or night, seven days of the week and we can send you a locksmith.

How can I recommend your services to a friend?

Simple! Send them to our website or give them our phone number. Much of our business comes from referrals given by happy clients. And remember to program our number into your cell phone for any future needs. When you are locked our or have an emergency, its not always easy to get to a computer and visit our website.

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